In Memoriam of Psychoanalyst John Stone

Analyst and Member of the School John Stone died on 12/25/2015 after a prolonged illness. John had not been in touch with the School for some time but he is warmly remembered.

« Since he left the country side of Texas, John Stone was committed to know about psychoanalysis.He visited many psychoanalytical institutes until he found shelter in our Lacanian School. John was a gentle, generous and original person, pursuing his own investigations in the different orientations of psychoanalysis. » —Andre Patsalides.

John arrived to the School thanks to Andre and over the years manifested a real passion for psychoanalysis including the works of Bion and Lacan. In addition to teaching seminars on Bion and Lacan he was a supervisor and dear friend of several school members and candidates. He made his historic Berkeley landmark home available for seminars and gatherings of the school over the years.

John will be missed!