The Days of Assembly of the Lacanian School

The Days of Assembly of the Lacanian School play an important role in the life of the School. During the Days, members from the Bay Area as well as from other areas of the world gather in person to participate in Palimpsest, Passage, and other presentations by members of the School. In 2019, we met for the second annual Days of Assembly from May 24 through May 26 at the California Institute for Integral Studies and at Sessions Restaurant at the Presidio. The first day consisted of clinical case presentations and fruitful discussions about the practice of Lacanian psychoanalysis; theoretical presentations on psychosis and addictions were also highlights of the day. On the second day, five members gave their Palimpsest presentations and became Candidates of the School. On the third day, two Candidates gave their Passage presentations and became Analysts of the School. In each Passage and Palimpsest, what stood out was the singular way in which each member took up her/his presentation, which ranged not only in format—from case study to theoretical explorations to an artistic film and dramatic poetry reading—but also according to the subjectivity of each person. The Days of Assembly also included numerous opportunities to socialize and share meals and even a hike together. The Days strengthened relationships amongst members of the School and assisted in enriching the plurality of our discussions around the numerous ways in which Lacanian psychoanalysis has both clinical and theoretical importance.