The Days of Assembly of the Lacanian School

The Days of Assembly of the Lacanian School inaugurated a new tradition in which members of the School would gather in person annually. The Days of took place between May 24 to 26 at CIIS in San Francisco and featured Passage presentations by six Analyst Candidates who became Analysts of the School. Three among us offered Palimpsest Presentations and became Analyst Candidates. What was perhaps most striking across the hours of listening and responding for two days was the singularity of each presentation. We also heard the history of the School from Andre Patsalides, Marcelo Estrada and Raul Moncayo, with questions and memories from the audience that enriched and complicated our history. We considered the School and its current place in the world in several ways. Chris Meyer spoke to the question of transmission in the School, Annie Rogers gave a brief talk about writing in relation to psychoanalysis, and Raul Moncayo and Stephanie Swales presented multiple venues for publication. We reviewed the coming year’s events and seminars and asked questions of one another about some of these details. We spoke of the idea that next year we would form a committee to plan the Days of Assembly, and, among other things, might present work from the events and seminars of the year past. We decided to begin an archive of the school to preserve our history and invited all the presenters to send texts to Annie Rogers. Finally, the Days included time to socialize and speak informally with one another. We bumped into one another as we sought out early morning coffees, had lunch together each day, and gathered at Il Forniao for a celebratory dinner on Friday night. On the final day we travelled to Lands End for a picnic lunch and a hike to the beach for the intrepid. The Days of Assembly created a sense of cohesion in the School while preserving critical distinctions and differences in point of view. They served as a vehicle for looking back and for envisioning the future of the School.