In recent years, there has been a demand to develop short-term psychodynamic interventions. This type of treatment—12 weeks or less—might be helpful in solving many of the challenges and demands of our current healthcare system and fast-paced culture. That said, the place of brief psychoanalysis has yet to be defined in the psychodynamic movement as well as in more general mental health treatment options. This presentation will provide an overview of the current context for Brief Psychoanalysis and a summary of recent studies assessing the effectiveness of short-term vs. long-term psychodynamic therapy. The presenter will also provide a short account on the recent book Brief Psychoanalytic Treatment by R. Peter Hobson, PhD, and describe his six forms of brief psychoanalytic therapy. A clinical case will be shared and our presenter will share the framework she utilizes with brief analysis, inspired by the work of Raul Moncayo, PhD and Ayelet Hirshfeld, PhD.

Instructor: Cécile G. McKenna
Date: TBA (January, February or March 2018)