“Analytic theory and practice, it has always been said, cannot be dissociated, and from the moment that one conceptualizes the experience in a particular way, it is inevitable that it will also be directed in that way. Certainly, the practical results can only be partially glimpsed.” – Jacques Lacan, The Object Relations Seminar 1956-1957

Some readers of Lacan have periodized the development of his theory. This year, we will read and discuss selected texts from the three different periods of Lacan – the beginning, the middle, and the late Lacan. We will not only try to answer the question what are the differences, the breaks, and the connections between these three periods, but also the question: how does one practice analytic work with these changes in theory and periods in mind?  What are the implications? How does one conceptualize the beginning, the process, and the end of analysis with these changes in Lacan’s theory? We will use and discuss the early schemas, e.g. Schema L, the Graphs of Desire, the mathemes, all the way to the Four Discourses, the Formulas of Sexuation, the Borromean Knots, and more for illustrations. Cases will also be discussed.

This will be an online seminar using Skype. We will be meeting the first three Thursdays of the month starting September 2017 to June 2018.  We will be off on key holidays, of course, and will try to accommodate rescheduling when needed.

Selected texts will be announced to participants later.

Any interest should be addressed to Marcelo Estrada at marcelo.estrada@gmail.com.

Faculty: Marcelo Estrada and Ali Chavoshian
Date & time: 7pm, first three Thursdays each month, starting September 2017 to June 2018
Venue: Online via Skype
Fee: $400.00