This day-long conference will be dedicated to engaging with the work of Francoise Davoine, PhD on the topic of madness and the relevance of psychoanalysis to the treatment of psychosis and extreme states. There will be a morning and an afternoon session. In the morning session, Dr. Davoine will discuss her conceptual and clinical approach to understanding and working with psychosis and extreme states. In the afternoon, we will hear the presentation of brief clinical vignettes by a panel of analysts with Dr. Davoine as the discussant.

Francoise Davoine is a psychoanalyst whose current work deals mainly with patients with psychosis, and trauma and also includes supervising trainees. She has worked for over 30 years as an analyst in public psychiatric hospitals and is also a faculty member of the Ecole Hautes Etudes in Paris, and Institute of social sciences. For many years she led a weekly seminar entitled “Madness and the social link” together with her late husband Jean Max Gaudilliere. The seminar group focused on authors who had dealt directly with madness and traumas, like Wittgenstein, Cervantes, and Laurence Sterne’s Tristram Shandy. One of these publications was about the comparison between the “Theater of the Fools” in the Renaissance era and hospitalized patients today. It became the book “Mother Folly”, which Mieke Bal turned into a film with Michelle Gamaker: “ A Long History of Madness.” This film shows Davoine’s way with working with “strangers in the city,” patients encountered at the very site of their exile, from cut out parts of history. Transference in such cases is interference with analogous zones in the analyst’s story. Delusion is a search for another way to connect a broken social link at the crossroads of their story of abuses and with the catastrophes of history, which occurred in their family. The consequence of new loyalty, stemming from the pitfalls of classical psychoanalysis, puts into motion a frozen in time experience “whereof one cannot speak,” but which does not stay silent for long. It shows what cannot be said, looking for a home.

Faculty: Francoise Davoine, with presentations by Bret Fimiani, Psy.D., Barri Belnap, MD., and Christopher Meyer, PhD
Day and Time: Friday, July 12th, 2019. 8:30am-5pm
Location: Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California; 530 Bush St., Suite 700, San Francisco, CA 94108.
Fee: $100, students/candidates $40

For further information please contact Bret Fimiani,, 510-917-0541

This course is approved by the Medical Board of California to train Research Psychoanalysts and by the California Psychological Association to provide Continuing Education Units for Licensed Psychologists. This course is approved by the Board of Behavioral Sciences to provide Continuing Education Units for Marriage and Family Therapists and Psychiatric Social Workers. LSP maintains responsibility for this program and its content.