Now in our 9th year, our focus has been a close reading of Freud’s clinical cases: Little Hans, the Rat Man, Dora, Dr. Schreber, as well as the “The Interpretation of Dreams”, “The Joke and Its Relation to the Unconscious”, “The Psychopathology of Everyday Life”, “Beyond the Pleasure Principle”, “Totem and Taboo” and “Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality” along with clinical case presentations. For 2019/2020, we continue our close study of Freud’s later work.

Faculty: Fernando Castrillón, Psy.D.
Cost: To be determined upon the cost of the venue
Location: To be announced
Date and Time: This seminar convenes once a month, in person, starting Fall 2019, and ending in May 2020. Specific dates for the rest of the year will be arranged at the first meeting in September.
Contact: For more information or to join the group, please contact Fernando Castrillon,

**Please note that this seminar is being run in conjunction with the Foundation of California Psychoanalysis.

This course is approved by the Medical Board of California to train Research Psychoanalysts and by the California Psychological Association to provide Continuing Education Units for Licensed Psychologists. This course is approved by the Board of Behavioral Sciences to provide Continuing Education Units for Marriage and Family Therapists and Psychiatric Social Workers. LSP maintains responsibility for this program and its content.