“Analytic theory and practice, it has always been said, cannot be dissociated, and from the moment that one conceptualizes the experience in a particular way, it is inevitable that it will also be directed in that way. Certainly, the practical results can only be partially glimpsed.” – Jacques Lacan, The Object Relations Seminar 1956-1957

This is an extensive seminar from the early Lacan to the late Lacan involving a close reading of key Lacanian texts. We will follow the development of the concepts of the Imaginary, Symbolic, and Real (ISR) culminating with RSI, a shift to the logic of the Real. This will be a continuation of last year’s Seminar, “Different Periods of Lacanian Theory,” but last year’s attendance is not a requirement or a prerequisite to attend this one. This seminar is designed for candidates and pre-candidates as part of their required formation in the School. We will limit participants to 10 people at most, but if there are slots not filled by candidates, we’ll make them available for non-candidates. We would like everyone to attend from beginning to end; however, we will consider a few applicants who might want to attend just a section or two of the three components and pay accordingly (See pricing below.) As in the past, we will be meeting for two hours each time, three Thursdays of the month, allowing everyone a break week each month.  We will vary the combination of the three Thursdays each month for flexibility allowing for maximum attendance. We will begin September 2018 and end at the end of June 2019, with a whole month break on December 2018.


IMAGINARY (Sept-Oct-Nov, 2018)

  • The Mirror Stage
  • Aggressiveness in Psychoanalysis

[Additional Reading’s: Family Complexes, Beyond the “Reality Principle”, etc.]


SYMBOLIC (Jan-Feb-March, 2019)

  • Rome Discourse (The Function of Speech and Language in Psychoanalysis)
  • Seminar on the Purloined Letter
  • The Instance of the Letter in the Unconscious, or Reason Since Freud
  • Logical Time and the Assertion of Anticipated Certainty

[May suggest additional readings later]


REAL (April-May-June, 2019)

  • Subversion of the Subject and Dialectic of Desire
  • Kant Avec Sade
  • L’etourdit
  • RSI: Seminar 22.

Faculty: Marcelo Estrada and Ali Chavoshian
Date & time: 7pm, three Thursdays each month (to be determined each month), starting September 2018 to June 2019; no classes in December 2018.
Location: Online via Zoom
Fee: $500.00 for the whole series or School tuition, or $200 each section (I, II, I or III). Interest should be sent to