In this monthly yearlong seminar, we will review Freud’s first and second theories of mind from the point of view of Lacanian theory. We will revisit basic Freudian concepts, and the nature of psychic inscription (of both images and words) in its relationship to language, as well as the Freudian concepts of kinetic and potential energy and how they relate or not to the Lacanian concept of jouissance. We will explore and sort out the concepts of the sign, the signifier, the object, icons/images, indexes, interpretants, feelings, and the Code in the works of Pierce and Lacan as they pertain to human development and psychical structure. The concept of an unconscious Code (in a descriptive sense) explains the nature of the repressive unconscious and how the super ego itself can be repressed and return from repression. We will continue with the possible interactions among linguistic codes, mathematical codes, cultural codes, and biological/genetic codes as different levels of regulation. Finally, we will investigate the concept of habit and instinct in Pierce and Darwin in relationship to the Freudian and Lacanian theory of the drive. We will conclude with Lacan’s notion that ultimately the subject is an answer of the Real in the form of a new ego/subject of/in the Real and a new S1 of the analyst rather than the master.

The seminar will be online on the third Saturday of the Month from 10-1 PST and will consist of presentations by the instructor as well as presentations and case presentations by participants. Since this is a yearlong online seminar we will propose the possibility of one in-person meeting in the year at a location convenient for most of the group to travel to.

Faculty: Raul Moncayo, PhD, Analyst of the School and participants.
Cost: $500. Cost is included in tuition for candidates and financial aid will be available for those who are paying by seminar and cannot afford the entire fee. Please feel free to speak with the instructor about this.

Readings: Freud’s Metapsychology and The Ego and the Id; Chapter VII of Darwin’s the Origin of Species; excerpts from Pierce’s work; and last but not least Lacan’s Seminar XIX Ou pire…or Worse. Readings are voluntary and not required.

This course is approved by the Medical Board of California to train Research Psychoanalysts and by the California Psychological Association to provide Continuing Education Units for Licensed Psychologists. This course is approved by the Board of Behavioral Sciences to provide Continuing Education Units for Marriage and Family Therapists and Psychiatric Social Workers. LSP maintains responsibility for this program and its content.