J-A Miller remarked “People are often attracted to Lacan’s writings because they are dense, obscure, and at times poetic – perfectly fine reasons to be attracted – but when they try to talk about them in much the same way, it just doesn’t go over; behind Lacan’s most poetic, polysemous and obsfucatingly enticing passage lies twenty or more years of careful, painstaking and yet brilliant textual analysis, studies of case histories, and clinical experience”. This brief, introductory seminar will approach some of Lacan’s major concepts in the context of the so-called “return to Freud”. Put differently, we will discuss Lacan’s contributions to the clinical avenues Freud left in our care, chief among them the analytic discourse.

Location: Stanford University Campus, Palo Alto
Dates: Friday, December 9, 2016
Times: 12:00-4:00 PM
Fee: $80 ($40 students)
Contact: Jon Bathori at 650-323-1225;;