In his early Seminar IV, “The Relation to the Object”, Lacan offers a thorough critique of the field of object relations, and what to this day remain accepted notions of the “object” in psychoanalytic theory and practice, to better situate theoretical and clinical work wresting it from a notion of “frustration” that had found its wished-for home in satisfaction. In a trajectory that followed the invention of the objet a, Lacan elaborates a nuanced and differentiated negativity concomitant with the subject in psychoanalysis. He specifies that the objet a underlines the fact that not everything is “interpretable;” not everything is of the register of the signifier. In Seminar 23, he will say that “the unconscious is what one is” and that while language copulates with our bodies, the Real is not linked to anything at all.

In Seminar IV Lacan develops the mother as incomplete, what will become the A barred. This important and inaugural invocation of the object as lack could not be timelier to consider in our contemporary moment when satisfaction is a supposed given, youth is supposed as endless, and lack is foreclosed with gadgets.  As we see more adult children than ever before, my presentation comments on three cases of adult “children” using Lacan’s early seminar.

Day and Time: March 2, 2018, 1:00—4:00 p.m.
Location: California Institute for Integral Studies, 1453 Mission Street
Room to be announced.
Fee: $80 or school tuition; $130 for both days; $40 for students