… “Let them all be relinquished and abandoned, null and void, neither firm nor established…

… “but the domain…of what can be said, always turns around a vortex of what cannot be said…and this mysterious vortex is what all our endeavors and struggles are about”…

(Slavoj Zizeck, “Antigone”)

The proposition is to create a space.

We will meet the first Saturday of the month, to read a-text with a Lacanian psychoanalytic perspective. We will start with the text Antigone, to follow with Freud’s clinical case “The Rat Man”. Other readings will be added as suggested by participants, including poetry, Lacan’s and Freud’s texts. Writing a piece by participants is optional.

The exploration will be centered around the Real unconscious and the function of the fantasy in the Clinic.  (Colette Soler, Lacan – The Unconscious Reinvented)

“There is not too much etourdit for it to return to you after being half said”… (J. Lacan’s L’Étourdit)

Faculty:   Dora Grisetti-Kohan
Location: 3610 Sacramento St., San Francisco, CA.
Day and time: Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, (no meeting in Jan.), Feb, Mar.
Fee: To be determined at first meeting.
For more information:, (510) 610-7870