This year’s training follows as a logical consequence of our teaching last year on the centrality of Control in the formation, or training, of the psychoanalyst in the Lacanian School. As in the past two years this training brings together Analysts of the School to offer a teaching on fundamental concepts at stake in the renewal of the analytic experience. How does the talking cure—an experience of speech—give rise to the writing of jouissance in the letters of the body, and how does a School support the transmission of the knowledge carried in this writing whose last word, or signifier, is lacking? How does Lacan’s contribution to the discourse and experience of psychoanalysis in his Seminars sustain a speech act whose consequences resound today in the formation of the analyst of the future?

The control analysts will approach these key concepts in order to underscore the ethical position of the analytic act as it supports a place for the speech of the subject of the unconscious and the writing of the Real in the analytic experience, and its link to various frames for its transmission—through Control, Cartel, Palimpsest, Passage. In the wake of Lacan’s return to Freud, the institution of psychoanalysis in the Lacanian School is grounded on creating and sustaining the conditions of possibility for the transmission of a Real at work in the renewal of the analytic experience in each case. This training grapples with the stakes of speech, writing, and knowledge in that transmission as the School supports the work of formation of analysts in the future.

Faculty:  Christopher Meyer, PhD, Raul Moncayo, PhD, Marcelo Estrada, Ben Davidson, PhD, Fernando Castrillon, PhD, Annie Rogers,PhD Bret Fimiani, PsyD

Date: February 22 & 23 2019
Time: Friday, 2:00-6:00;  Saturday, 10am-5pm
Location:   Los Angeles/Beverly Hills, The Maple Counseling Center, 9107 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90210Contact:  Christopher Meyer, PhD (323) 930-9662cmeyerwoeswar@gmail.com
Fees: $120.00 per class/students $60.00. (There is no charge for current interns and trainees of the Maple Center)

This course is approved by the Medical Board of California to train Research Psychoanalysts and by the California Psychological Association to provide Continuing Education Units for Licensed Psychologists. This course is approved by the Board of Behavioral Sciences to provide Continuing Education Units for Marriage and Family Therapists and Psychiatric Social Workers. LSP maintains responsibility for this program and its content.