Anxiety, like desire, is linked to the Other, to the jouissance and to the demand of the Other, when the subject is confronted by the desire of the Other and does not know what object he is for that desire. It is the horror of the Thing against which only desire and law combined are able to protect us. For Lacan anxiety, angoisse, is not without an object, but this object is unknown. This object is objet a, the object-cause-of-desire, and anxiety arises when something fills the place of it; anxiety arises when lack comes to be lacking. Anxiety is the only affect which is beyond all doubt and which does not lie or deceive.

And what happens in the cure? How can the analyst measure how much anxiety a patient can bear? How may the analyst deal with his/her own anxiety? The desire of the analyst is involved here and he/she has to institute, along with anxiety, the Φ (and -φ), an emptiness whose function is structural. In this year-long seminar we will explore matters central to the clinic: jouissance and anxiety, affects, various forms of objet a, the distinction between passage à l’acte (the passage to the act) and acting-out, in addition to the definition of anxiety “as the lack of the lack” in relation to desire.

The instructors will guide the work of the group from constructed readings toward clinical cases in relation to the theory, encouraging participants to make something of Lacan’s text alongside an exegesis of clinical practice. Participants in the seminar are invited to construct an interpretation of Lacan at the place of the unknown that is a common encounter in reading Lacan. The seminar group will work actively, creating a series of notes from close textual readings -labored over- of Lacan’s tenth seminar. Participants will take turns presenting the places where these notes falter, fail, or can go no further.

Suggested texts: Lacan, J. (2004). Le Séminaire, Livre X (1962-1963): L’angoisse. (French texte établi par Jacques-Alain Miller), Paris: Seuil.

Lacan, J. (2014). Anxiety: The Seminar of Jacques Lacan. Book X. (Ed. Jacques-Alain Miller Trans. A. R. Price), Cambridge: Polity Press.

Harari, R. (2001). Lacan’s Seminar On Anxiety: An Introduction. New York: The Other Press.

Faculty: Raul Moncayo, PhD and Annie Rogers, PhD, Analysts of the School
Meeting Dates and Time: Monthly, September to April, 3th Saturday, 12:00-3:00 PST
Where: On Zoom, by invitation
Contact: Annie Rogers at or Raul Moncayo at
Fees: $500.00 or School Tuition

This course is approved by the Medical Board of California to train Research Psychoanalysts and by the California Psychological Association to provide Continuing Education Units for Licensed Psychologists. This course is approved by the Board of Behavioral Sciences to provide Continuing Education Units for Marriage and Family Therapists and Psychiatric Social Workers. LSP maintains responsibility for this program and its content.