In this seminar, we will use Analyst Candidate cases to explore psychoanalytic treatment with an age group: young people who begin a treatment in their twenties or early thirties. Why this age group? These analysands comprise a demographic for whom social media is pervasive, texting replaces speaking, sexuality has been “queered” in many respects, and relations with parents are often prolonged through relatively continuous contacts and on-going financial supports. As we create, in investigative layers, Freud’s invention and Lacan’s modifications in psychoanalytic treatment, we encounter again and again the analytic experience of new generations. In this seminar we will draw from our own cases to explore the unconscious as a site of impediment, failure, split, and unknown remainder. In the spirit of learning from one another, we will describe and examine clinical moments in which formations of the unconscious were produced, and then elucidated. The seminar will consider the Real of the unconscious as a hole in relation to the scanning of signifiers in dream work; the analyst’s questions, silences, and cuts to the sessions; and turning points in analytic work. We will explore matters that pertain to analytic cases with young adults who present, in various forms, the singularity of the unconscious as it unfolds in a Lacanian analysis.

Faculty: Annie Rogers, Ph.D., Barry Belnap, MD.
Fee: Free of charge
Time: Last Thursday of each month, 7-9 pm Eastern Standard Time. Sept. Oct. and Nov. 2017; Feb. March and April, 2018