This year’s seminar considers the object at stake in the psychoanalytic experience and the clinic of fantasy that frames it. In contrast to object relations theory where the Other and its attributes are taken as object, the experience of Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis confronts us with an object that “falls” from the Other, and insists as the cause of the subject of the unconscious. The object is a remainder of jouissance in what is lost in the experience of the speaking being–the human being who is subject to speech and language, and thereby must pass through the Other for the satisfaction of needs. This passage or traversal hollows out a place for desire, and thereby delivers the speaking being over to a logic of fantasy that is oriented by an object, Lacan’s object (a), or object cause of desire.

The seminar will follow the trajectory of Lacan’s introduction of the object (a) in seminar XI, I his further elaboration of it in seminar XIII, “The Object of Psychoanalysis,” and focus in depth on the logic of fantasy in Seminar XIV. Participants will learn to differentiate between the clinical stakes of primal scene fantasy, seduction fantasy, castration fantasy and the construction of the fundamental fantasy. In addition to clinical material from case material presented by faculty and participants, the seminar will work on key Freudian cases in which the scaffolding of a clinic of fantasy is to be found.

Faculty: Christopher Meyer, PhD, Analyst of the School
When: 1 Saturday per month, September 2017-July 2018
Dates: TBA
Day and Time: Saturdays, 10am-12:30
Location: Los Angeles/Beverly Hills
The Maple Counseling Center
9107 Wilshire Blvd., LL
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Contact: Christopher Meyer, PhD (323) 930-9662,

Fees: $60.00 per class/students $40.00. (There is no charge for current interns and trainees of the Maple Center)