At LSP we continue a tradition that begun with Freud and continued with Lacan. Historically supervision was invented by Freud and was focused on the analysis of the transference of the analyst to the analysand under the supervision of the supervising analyst who after the personal analysis became the analyst’s clinical supervisor. Eventually supervision became more focused on matters of technique and the detailed analysis of the countertransference was circumscribed to the personal analysis of the analyst. The analyst and the supervisor became two different people. Although the personal analysis is the bedrock of analytical formation, control analysis is second in importance. Control analysis creates a space for the analyst in formation to speak about their experience of the analytical function and at the same time practice how to transform the knowledge of theory into analytical practice and monitor their own personal responses to the analysand and to the analysand’s transference. The latter has a training function but also protects the public who is receiving mental health treatment from psychoanalysts.

The text will be using is Moustapha Safouan’s Jacques Lacan and the Question of Psychoanalytic Training.

Date: Saturday Feb. 3, 2018.
Fee: $120; $50 for studentes
Location: The Maple Counseling Center, Beverly Hills.
Faculty: Raul Moncayo, Chris Meyer, Fernando Castrillon, Ben Davidson, and Marcelo Estrada

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