This year’s work day in the School invites its participants to assemble in a shared work on the stakes of anxiety and its object in the clinical experience of psychoanalysis. Freud differentiated anxiety from fear (Furcht) and fright (Schreck) insofar as anxiety had “no object.” In his return to Freud Lacan would argue in Seminar X that anxiety, or angoisse, is “not without object.” The object here is the object (a), or object-cause-of-desire. The study day will take this “not without” as a point of orientation for working on the stakes of anxiety in the psychoanalytic clinic after Lacan. The faculty presenters hope the study day serves as an opportunity to punctuate the work of those already engaged in the seminar on anxiety taught by Raul Moncayo and Annie Rogers.

Date and Time: Saturday, Jan 24, 2019, 12-3 pm
Where: Online, Zoom
Fee: free
Faculty: Marcelo Estrada and Christopher Meyer, PhD, Analysts of the School