This seminar responds to Freud’s assertion that it is in “understanding…” by returning to Freud’s approach to the dream as an unconscious formation through Lacan’s savoir (S2), or unconscious knowledge. What does Lacan’s return to Freud contribute to our handling of transference, to the chaining of signifiers in the work of free association, to manifest and latent contents of the dream, and to the Real at stake in the dream’s navel? In the work with neurotic structure, dreams as unconscious formations function as a rupture from the ego’s discourse, and support and sustain a space for the work of the Other scene as an unconscious discourse that positions the subject in relation to jouissance, sex, and death.

Finally, our seminar will turn to working with dreams in the clinic of psychosis. By drawing from their own experience working with psychotic subjects and from the published work of contemporary analysts working with psychotics the faculty members will show how inviting the psychotic to dream is a maneuver on the part of the analyst that supports an ethics of speech. Participants will learn how Lacan’s concept of the transference can be handled in the analyst’s position in relation to the psychotic’s savoir, or knowledge, and how working with dreams opens a space in speech and language where the subject can contest the discourse of the delusion, and treat the Real of the body that is captured in the Other’s jouissance.

Faculty: Christopher Meyer, PhD, Analyst of the School
Bret Fimiani, PsyD, Candidate Analyst of the School
Date: October 21, 2017

Time: Saturday 9:30-5

Where: Beverly Hills/Los Angeles
The Maple Counseling Center
9107 Wilshire Blvd., LL
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Fee: $120.00/$50.00 students