The Days of Assembly of the Lacanian School

The third annual Days of the Assembly of the Lacanian School met via Zoom this past May, providing a welcome occasion for contact in the early months of the pandemic, as well as an unprecedented gathering of members from far-ranging parts of the world. Extending over three days (May 16, 17, and 24, 2020), the Days featured numerous Palimpsest presentations and one Passage, marking the transitions of eight Pre-Candidates who became Candidates-Analysts of the School and one Candidate-Analyst who became an Analyst of the School. Each presentation brought forth something of the singularity of the desire of the speaking being, as members engaged in individual acts of inscription and were received by the School, its questions and words of welcome. While we regretted that we could not continue our conversations over morning coffee, afternoon hikes, dinner gatherings and outings to nearby jazz clubs, the constraint of gathering virtually facilitated listening that extended across time zones and into as many locations as there were members present, in an experience that recalled that, as Lacan taught, speech itself brings the body. The 2020 Days of the Assembly thus continued the tradition of assembling annually to offer a time and a space for knowledge coming from the unconscious and for the collective exploration of the theoretical and clinical stakes of that knowledge.