Ecrits Seminar by BSG (Beijing Study Group)

The seminar will be the first seminar of the newly established Beijing Study Group (2020). This year the seminar will be online within China only for Chinese speakers. The seminar will begin with Lacan’s seminar on “The Purloined Letter”, picked up by Lacan as the introductory article of Ecrits. In this article, Lacan responds to Freud’s “repetition compulsion” by revealing the decisive influence of the signifier on the construction of subjectivity and by excavating the connotations of Freud’s death drive in the mechanism of symbolic repetition. The group will meet twice a month. The first meeting will be in English and the second in Chinese.

Faculty: Yang Yu and Cissy Zhou +1
Dates: Twice a month
Location: Online via Zoom
Contact: Yang Yu; Cissy Zhou