Introduction to the Concepts of the Lacanian Clinic

This month-long seminar will approach some fundamental ideas of Lacanian psychoanalysis beginning from the most immediate empirical phenomenon of the clinic, namely: the patient’s speech. How do we conceive of what is happening when a patient speaks to a clinician? Such, indeed, is the best introduction to the Lacanian clinic, whose concepts are fashioned right out of elemental formations of sound and language.

Our objective in this course is less didactic than conceptual: the aim is to equip you not so much with a set of technical terms or even clinical techniques, but more basically with an understanding of the mode of thinking underlying the very question of technique. Broadly, we will tackle the question of speech and language as central figures of the clinic, touching on two cornerstones of Lacanian theory: analysis as work with the unconscious, and the unconscious as structured like a language. Thus we will move through the concepts of demand, desire, jouissance, imaginary, symbolic, and real, as well as fantasy, structure, subject and signifier, that characterize and distinguish the Lacanian clinical field.

There are no prerequisites for this seminar other than your interest and curiosity. Committed participants will be provided with the syllabus and reading list a week prior to the seminar.

Faculty: Jeremy Soh, Ph.D.
Date and Time: Wednesday Feb 3rd, Feb 10th, Feb 17th & Feb 24th 2021, 6-8PM
Location: Oakland, CA. Location TBD
Contact: Jeremy Soh
Fee: $200 for seminar series, or $50 per session