This year’s work day in the School invites the School’s membership and friends to assemble in a shared work on the four discourses elaborated in Seminar XVII. The Work Day pertains to everyone in the School, and we encourage everyone to attend and engage in the Work around crucial problems for psychoanalysis. Lacan defines discourse as a form of social link, and given that the discourse of the analyst stands as one of the four discourses in Seminar XVII, this work day will devote special attention to the ways analytic discourse bears upon a Real at work in speech and language—a real activated in the analytic act that takes place when analysand and analyst work within the constraints of the transference and the cure. In addition to the four discourses commonly attributed to Seminar XVII we will want to discuss the fifth discourse Lacan defines as the discourse of capitalism and consider the ways in which analytic discourse confronts this discourse in our contemporary experience.

For this year’s working day, we ask that in addition to presentations by the teaching analysts, those attending participate by reading the seminar before attending, and taking an active part in the commentaries and reconstructions of the seminar during the Work Day.

Faculty: Annie Rogers, Ph.D., Analyst of the School and Stephanie Swales,
Ph.D., Analyst of the School
Date and Time: Saturday, Jan 23, 2021, 12-3 PM
Location: Online via Zoom
Fee: free