Lalangue, Sinthome, Jouissance, and Nomination by Raul Moncayo

A Reading Companion and Commentary on Lacan’s Seminar XXIII on the Sinthome by Raul Moncayo

This work represents one of the few initiatives in the Anglo-Saxon world to elucidate the structure of psychic space by constructing an access to the nature of mathematical relations. Finding pathways through the complexities of sexual love is notoriously difficult: Raul Moncayo shows how Lacan’s psychoanalytic results have found some solutions to many of these difficulties and problems. Lacan formulated the spaces of the mind by using instruments such as his graph of desire: Moncayo’s book takes further the investigation of the “not-both” which has been fundamental to philosophy – and to mathematics and cosmology – since the time of Parmenides.

Bernard Burgoyne, Emeritus Professor of Psychoanalysis, Middlesex University.